Online shopping carts are becoming a staple for a growing variety of websites. You see them in places you would expect, like traditional retail stores and eBook retailers, but nowadays, you’ll also find them attached to small online businesses like non-profits and churches. This large variety of inclusion is a strong indication of today’s market understanding the benefits of shopping cart software for small business, like an eCommerce website by PinnacleCart.

Learn More About Customers with Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

Shopping Cart Software tracks the selection of customers whether they ultimately purchase or not. There are a variety of ways that you can use this information. Even if you don’t get each customer’s personal information, you still learn about what things are drawing them to your website.

Track Customer Preferences with Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

Not every customer will buy the first time they visit your site. Some may shop around and compare deals with plans to buy at a future date.  Shopping cart software features the ability to track customer preferences and create a “cookie”. This stays in the customer’s browser without them needing to do anything. The next time that they visit your site, they’ll see the same items in their shopping cart. This may remind them of a product that they meant to purchase. This simple reminder alone can have a positive impact on your business’ sales.

Collect Customer Info with Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

One of the main reasons that we see shopping cart software being used by businesses may be something you wouldn’t expect.  Online business owners who use ecommerce software can learn more about their shoppers, helping them better understand market preferences. For example, many non-profit agencies use their software for giveaways, collecting customer information when they sign up on the website. These questionnaire forms allows your company to collect information and contact them with opportunities or provide a monthly newsletter.

Shopping Cart Software for Small Business Saves You Money

While different shopping cart software offers a variety of features, one thing that is consistent is streamlining product maintenance. You are able to quickly and easily add products, delete products, update levels, and change prices. Being able to do all this in one place saves you time, money, and increases overall productivity.  Many of the best web store builder software will provide an easy-to-use admin console so do your research and find one that works for you!

Shopping Cart Software Helps Your Web Design
Online merchants can find shopping cart software that preforms a variety of tasks. One of these features includes allowing you to change the look and feel of your website’s store front and product pages. This is an extremely important feature in a shopping cart software, regardless what your skill level is. Customization tools allow you to make sure that your product, orders, and checkout pages are themed, and follow the same design as the rest of your website.

Build & Manage Customer Relationships 

You may not see shopping cart software as being able to help build better customer relationships, but it’s actually a big part of the back-end. We already discussed how they help you collect customer information and offer them discounts, and customers simply expect this. Software also helps you with the social side of customer relationships or to show appreciation.  Sending out a special thank-you after a product is delivered, or send a survey to better understand your customer’s experience is a great way to make your loyal shoppers feel appreciated.

Shopping cart software for small business provides highly valuable information that you can use in multiple ways to reduce the stress of your daily tasks, increase the experience of customers, and improve your overall revenue.  As with most technology today, shopping cart software has grown over the years and proven that it can bring a lot of benefits to any small business.

Do you have stories to share about your SMB shopping cart software?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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