How Ecommerce Software Can Benefit Small Business


The thought is that it takes a large investment to start a small business. Technology has greatly changed this. In greater numbers, people are turning to the internet to make their purchases. More suppliers are offering drop shipping which limits the need to keep large amounts of inventory. If you are thinking about small business then consider how ecommerce software can benefit small business.

Let’s take Angelique Lingerie as an example. They offer full figure intimates to their customers. Rather than stock all of their own inventory, they could drop ship at a much lower upfront cost. When to switch from drop shipping to having your own inventory is a business decision to make once you’re more established. Read on for additional tips.

Lower Initial Cost

Ecommerce software has become less expensive. Some aspiring small business owners shy away from these options. They have the old saying, “you get what you pay for” in mind. This is a true statement. What it doesn’t take into account is why these software solutions have gone down in price.

The price drop is due to sheer supply and demand. There are thousands, if not millions, of people wanting to start online stores. There are also hundreds of companies that offer ecommerce solutions. The decrease in price doesn’t signal lower performance. It only reflects the competition.

Easy Setup

There are some that think about ecommerce software as simply adding a shopping cart to your website. But, they actually are full service solutions that do much more. They can help you create an online store from scratch, and update your inventory automatically. They supply themes that you can use to easily change the color and theme. After creating your basic site, you start to add your products.

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4 Biggest Benefits of Using the Right Arizona HOA Management Company


Hiring the services of City Property for homeowner’s association needs can turn out to be very advantageous. The HOA management company helps improve the quality of clients and can assist in hosting several elements such as the collection of dues. In addition, a great HOA management company can be helpful to individual homeowners and can assist in offering different wealth benefits. Here are the 4 biggest benefits of using the right Arizona HOA management company:

Finding Best Tenants

Among the greatest challenges faced by property owners is ensuring that they rent their property to the best tenants. Bad tenants are a disaster and showing them the door can prove to be very difficult.

However, thanks to HOA management companies, finding high quality tenants has been made easier. This is achieved through tenants’ screening employed by the companies ensuring that only the tenants who can pay their rents on time as well as those looking for long term housing solutions rent property.

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Benefits of Shopping Cart Software for Small Business


Online shopping carts are becoming a staple for a growing variety of websites. You see them in places you would expect, like traditional retail stores and eBook retailers, but nowadays, you’ll also find them attached to small online businesses like non-profits and churches. This large variety of inclusion is a strong indication of today’s market understanding the benefits of shopping cart software for small business, like an eCommerce website by PinnacleCart.

Learn More About Customers with Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

Shopping Cart Software tracks the selection of customers whether they ultimately purchase or not. There are a variety of ways that you can use this information. Even if you don’t get each customer’s personal information, you still learn about what things are drawing them to your website.

Track Customer Preferences with Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

Not every customer will buy the first time they visit your site. Some may shop around and compare deals with plans to buy at a future date.  Shopping cart software features the ability to track customer preferences and create a “cookie”. This stays in the customer’s browser without them needing to do anything. The next time that they visit your site, they’ll see the same items in their shopping cart. This may remind them of a product that they meant to purchase. This simple reminder alone can have a positive impact on your business’ sales.

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What is CRM?


If you are in business then you have probably heard the term “CRM” used. But, you may be wondering, “What is CRM?” C.R.M. is an acronym. It stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. Basically, “CRM” refers to the a system or systems that are used to track your business relationships.

What Can You Track?

CRM is used to track any kind of data that is associated with relationships with vendors, customers, etc. Common data that is tracked is customer and potential customer contact information, purchases they have made, inquiries, customer service questions, leads, sales opportunities, and/or pretty much any information that you need to maximize your business relationships.

How This Helps You Grow

When you are starting out then you only need to track a few customers. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can use Google docs, Excel, note cards, a Rolodex, on your phone, in Outlook, or even pen and paper. As you can see, these run from old school to high tech. But, these can quickly become unwieldy.

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How Not Knowing Email Marketing Makes You a Rookie


When you first start an online business, marketing is one of the major challenges. There are so many questions. How do you get traffic? How do you get ranked in the search engines? How do you turn this traffic into income? There is one major action that separates rookies from the experienced and successful internet marketers. Learn how not knowing email marketing makes you a rookie.

It Starts With Traffic

It takes a large amount of work to get people to even visit your website. It is like building a new store in the mall. You may have the greatest product in the world but no one knows that you are there. Until you can convince them to come see you then you can’t demonstrate the value that your product offers. There are many ways to get traffic. You need to create content that draws them in, get backlinks to your site, and set yourself up as an authority. There are many great articles about this.

It Is All About Relationships

What we want to delve into here is what you do with the traffic once you get it. Just like our new store in the mall, once people start coming in the “door” then you want to be able to build a relationship with them. Studies have found that the average web visitor spends less than 2 minutes on a website, even if they find the information they are looking for. They come to site, find the information then were looking for, and move on to something else.

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5 Proven Internet Marketing Strategies


The way that we share information was changed dramatically by the internet. It brought the same level of change to the world of marketing. Outbound marketing has really declined in effectiveness over the last couple of years. Success today is being found in marketing efforts that drive traffic to your site directly, rather than things mean to pull traffic from another site to yours. So, let’s discuss 5 proven internet marketing strategies that work today.

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Content Marketing

After all of Google’s changes; there is one major role in building any web presence…CONTENT IS KING. Yes, I put this in caps because it is so critically important. If you are providing high quality content then you are enjoy the benefits of building trust with your visitors, establishing yourself and your site as an authority, and increasing your traffic.

Social Media

People are consistently turning more and more to social media to stay in touch. Some are even using this to get their daily news. This provides a huge opportunity for business. You can use this to get your high quality content in front of a large amount of people. When people are impressed with your information then they will share it with others. Since they are putting in front of people that already trust them then it is more likely to get read by people you might otherwise not be able to reach.

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