The way that we share information was changed dramatically by the internet. It brought the same level of change to the world of marketing. Outbound marketing has really declined in effectiveness over the last couple of years. Success today is being found in marketing efforts that drive traffic to your site directly, rather than things mean to pull traffic from another site to yours. So, let’s discuss 5 proven internet marketing strategies that work today.

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Content Marketing

After all of Google’s changes; there is one major role in building any web presence…CONTENT IS KING. Yes, I put this in caps because it is so critically important. If you are providing high quality content then you are enjoy the benefits of building trust with your visitors, establishing yourself and your site as an authority, and increasing your traffic.

Social Media

People are consistently turning more and more to social media to stay in touch. Some are even using this to get their daily news. This provides a huge opportunity for business. You can use this to get your high quality content in front of a large amount of people. When people are impressed with your information then they will share it with others. Since they are putting in front of people that already trust them then it is more likely to get read by people you might otherwise not be able to reach.

Article Marketing

We already showed that content is king. Information is the main reason that people surf the web. They are either trying to solve a problem they have or research a topic they want to learn more about. When you are the one that is able to fill their need then they are more likely to return to you the next time. A great way to do this is creating articles and putting them where people are likely to see them. There are many high quality article directories where you can do just this. You then benefit from the authority that these sites have already built.


These are probably one of the most effective methods available. If you offer a quality newsletter give visitors a reason to subscribe to your list. This allows you to stay in touch with them, with their permission. You also can use this list to let them know about new products, sales, and/or special offers. The key is to consistently provide a newsletter that is a majority great information rather than ads.


The popularity that YouTube has gained produced a need and almost an expectation for videos. This allows people to find information quickly without even needing to read it. It also creates an opportunity for you. You can publish videos on these sites to reach people that you otherwise wouldn’t, sharing creates backlinks to your sites, and you build your brand in the process.

Marketing changes with the expectations of your target market. People expect different things today than they did just ten years ago. Back then, few would have thought texting would become as huge as it is not to mention sites like YouTube. Utilize these 5 proven internet marketing strategies to increase your results today.

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